Unique, Abstracts and Custom Installations by Artist Christina D. Yielding.


Christina's unique, one-of-a-kind style can be seen throughout her interviews and promo's. 

"Painting is a passion of mine, that has grown from a hobby to my career but "Painting Live" gives me my energy and inspiration to be the Artist I am today." 



Unique, Mixed Media Abstracts on Wood, Artist Christina D. Yielding.


Her Live Painting Events are one-of-a-kind, highly energetic, inspirational and simply entertaining.

Christina's artwork can be seen throughout the city. 


I paint solely on wood, no paint brushes; my technique is crafted using a variety of scrapers and I custom build each frame around every piece.  Once the frames are built, I get to tune in and let the energy flow. My best work comes from painting live and meeting new people, who through my art, become my clients and my friends. 

~ Christina D. Yielding


I have been painting for about 15 years but have only considered myself an Artist for the last 5. Today, I am right where I DREAMED I would be.  
"Painting is a passion of mine, that has grown from a hobby to my career but “Painting Live” gives me my inspiration and energy to be the Artist I am today" ~CDY.

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