Meet Christina D Yielding of Art By CDY in Oak Cliff.


Today we’d like to introduce you to Christina D Yielding...

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We support the efforts of people and organizations who are making the world a better place. Our mission is to seek out and publicize the stories of dedicated people and organizations who are helping to create sustainable solutions to poverty.

The best thing about my work is that I’m doing what I love! I am living the dream! 

Because my art is done solely on wood I build each frame first before I paint them. 

Impulse Group Dallas in collaboration with AIDS Healthcare Foundation(AHF),Latino Outreach and Understanding Division (LOUD), world renowned artist and associate professor at UT Dallas, Andrew Scott, and Dallas contemporary abstract artist, Christina Yielding (Art by CDY), are taking a modern approach to fight HIV stigma with WAD 365. WAD 365 is a joint partnership to be revealed at WAD 365: Momentum.


On this episode of Read Watch Listen, Christine welcomes extraordinary artist (and carpenter!) Christina Yielding and hears about her recommendations for a book, a movie, and a song. Christina speaks about expectations, 'four agreements' and life-changing mindsets, all while painting who is painting live on site!

Christina D. Yielding was our demo artists at our March 2018 Members’ Meeting. Christina’s artist training was 15 years of mistakes instead of art school. She builds her own wood panels, using a light-weight plywood after learning how....


Art of Music Gala at Hotel Zaza.


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